The Inheritance Foreword

Foreword to The Inheritance

By Professor Frank Anbari

The human race has been planning and executing projects throughout history. Through carefully planned and executed projects, economic growth is attained, societal progress is achieved, and civilizations are built. The past sixty years have witnessed a global, explosive growth of various types of projects and a pressing need for qualified professionals to manage them. Interest in Project Management knowledge, training, education, and research has been growing at a rapid pace in industry, service, and government organizations throughout the globe.

The Inheritance: A Story about Project Management fills an important need for insight and understanding of various vital aspects of Project Management. It is an important contribution that allows individuals at diverse levels of preparation to access Project Management information and wisdom.

Built around a captivating storyline set in a dynamic region of the world, this lively book takes an interesting project from concept, through various phases of development and delivery, all the way to operational readiness and project close. Along the way, it gradually covers relevant concepts building them into a cohesive framework and allowing the reader to gain insights into managing project work step-by-step. This excellent book provides relevant examples and applications of essential tools and techniques of Project Management. The book balances professional rigor and human interest to provide a sound approach to effective Project Management within a vivid storyline.

This valuable book is a great contribution to advancing the profession and supporting the growing interest in Project Management. I am confident that the attentive reader will enjoy reading and using this brilliant book.

Frank T. Anbari, PhD, PE, PMP®, SSBB
Project Management Program
Drexel University
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA