The Inheritance

A story about friendship, community, and project management

The Inheritance is a heart-warming, beautiful story. It talks about birth and death, love and friendship, family and generosity, and above all, transcendent humanity.

It is a book that touches on many essential subjects in today’s life.

Yet, through the story telling, the author presents a project management methodology and a case study on how to apply this project life cycle based method.

It blends project management with a social entrepreneurship initiative.

The project management aspects are covered with describing The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™ (CAM2P™), which guides a project manager leading a project from idea to closure.

The social entrepreneurship aspects are the focus where the characters in the story wanted to establish a not-for-profit organization to build and run a community center, to help in the development of their community in a semi-rural area in Lebanon.

Foreword, by Professor Frank Anbari

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