SUKAD Launches a New Division

After the restructuring last year with a consultancy and organizational solutions division and a learning and development division, today SUKAD announces the launch of new division “SUKAD Technology Solutions”,

The initial focus of the SUKAD technology solutions is to develop software applications specific to the SUKAD approach for managing projects and SUKAD methodology, The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™ (CAM2P™). SUKAD developed this methodological approach in 2008 and has been using it since in our learning and consultancy divisions.

The importance of this methodology and the need for developing software stems from the lack of tools that consider and focus on the whole project life span (life cycle) from the Project Owner (developer) perspective. In simpler terms, this is about how to take a project from idea to closure, and beyond.

The first product of the SUKAD Technology Solutions division, is a basic application, which we will sell for a low price and give out to clients and NGO’s for free.

Mr. Mounir Ajam, SUKAD CEO and CAM2P™ developer, explained “SUKAD recognizes that one of the project management challenges today, in enhancing organizational performance, is the over-dependence on common practices and certifications that are highly popular yet, to some extent, limited.” There are various project management standards in the world today but one focuses on processes, another focuses on competence, what is missing is a standardize approach for a project life cycle (project life span) approach, although many sources on project management address a project life span, they do not adequately cover this subject.