SUKAD Published new eBook


SUKAD released during the last week a new eBook on project management, under the title “Project Management for the Accidental Project Manager." The eBook is a realistic story covering a social entrepreneurship project. The project is establishing a not-for-profit organization that will develop a community center. Through the community center, the organization will provide consultancy and training services on a complimentary basis. The center will also lead the establishment of summer youth camps to train high school and university students on project management and how to apply the learning on real social and community projects, such as environmental, educational, cultural, physical education, or health related projects.

The main characters of the book are four friends: George, Ahmed, Furat and Quds. The book includes a conversation between the characters and intended to deliver the idea of ​​project management and how anyone is capable of becoming an accidental project manager to lead projects whether in his personal or professional life. It gives the reader a simplified and systematic methodology to manage projects from the idea to completion.

SUKAD published the book on BOOKBOON site, which was regarded by the world's most important sites in the field of eBooks, as the number of downloads of books during the year 2012 reached Fifty million books.

Mr. Mounir Ajam, CEO of SUKAD and author of this book, explained that this eBook is derived from another book that he published three years ago under the title "The Inheritance''. Mr. Ajam added that he is currently working on other books and in the coming months will publish four others Books with This will cover important topics for entrepreneurs and project managers, hoping that the readers like it these publications and that his work will add significant value to his readers in term of learning and professional development.

These eBooks are published for distribution to the community for free. To get your copy of Project Management for the Accidental Project Manager please follow this link:

To purchase a copy of “The Inheritance'' you can contact us.