SUKAD Mission Statement

Be an Agent of Change and a Catalyst for Development

Explaining the Mission

How can we be an agent of change and catalyst for development?

Who is “we”?

Is this about SUKAD being an agent of change, or is project management the agent of change?

The idea is for project management to be an agent of change in societies around the world and a catalyst for personal, professional, organizational, and national development.

SUKAD is to play an advance role and be the catalyst that helps in making this happen, at least in our areas of operations.

Delivering on the mission

For professionals and organizations, SUKAD role is through our leading and pioneering integrated project management solutions. These solutions start with The SUKAD Way™ but are not limited to it, since we can offer solutions from various global platforms.

On the community side, SUKAD pursue this mission through the SUKAD Social and Professional Initiatives (2SPI™ program) and through future initiative that we will announce in due time.