SUKAD joins GAPPS, a global leader for project management standards


SUKAD was recently granted membership of the Global Alliance of Project Performance Standards (GAPPS), the independent reference benchmark for alignment and transportability of competency based Project and Program standards and qualifications.


GAPPS was formed in the mid-nineties, and consists of a unique alliance of government, private industry, professional associations and training/academic institutes, working together to develop globally applicable project management competency based standards, frameworks and mappings.


The aim of GAPPS is to provide the global project management community with information that is freely available for use by businesses, academic institutions, professional associations, and government standards and qualifications bodies globally.


SUKAD CEO, Mr. Mounir Ajam commented: “Through this membership SUKAD underlines its position of “Think globally, acts locally”. It is the next step in our business and academic approach to bring global leading practices to West Asia and the Arab World.”


Luc Bauwmans, SUKAD VP, added: “We have been familiar with GAPPS and its activities for a number of years. We feel that in the aftermath of the global economic crisis the time is right for an alliance of this kind”.