The SUKAD History

SUKAD is the second generation of a company that operated in Houston, Texas, United States of America in 1998. The USA company provided project management control services for a joint venture that was developing two petrochemical plants in Texas; two mega projects.

Mr. Mounir Ajam, the founder, moved back to West Asia at the end of 2000 and joined Saudi Aramco, in their project management organization, but his thoughts were always on restarting the company to provide the same services in the Arabic speaking region.

Setting Up

SUKAD Initial LogoEarly in 2004, we made the decision to proceed with the new company with an initial focus on learning solutions; project management training, primarily due to the gap that existed in the market in term of quality project management learning providers.

A few friends joined Mounir Ajam in this new venture and the partners re-launched SUKAD in Dubai, United Arab Emirates at Dubai Knowledge Village. Between August 2004 and October 2005, SUKAD services were limited to providing in-house services to private clients, with the Saudi Royal Commission as our first West Asian client.

Late 2005 to 2011

In October 2005, Mounir Ajam moved to Dubai as the company’s Chief Executive Officer and launched project management consultancy and project management training services in late 2005. In the early months of our operations, SUKAD won a few contracts from major regional organizations, sSUKAD Previous Logouch as Dubai Holding Business Excellence in UAE and the National Commercial Bank in Saudi Arabia. That early success was primarily due to Mr. Ajam reputation in the field of project management and the global Partnering-Collaboration network that SUKAD had in place from the beginning. During this period, the company has grown from a single employee to about ten team members.


In 2012 SUKAD launched an office in Lebanon. With this move, the Dubai office will continue to lead our effort in the countries of the Arabian Gulf and the base of our Learning & Development division. The new, Lebanon office will take leadership for Lebanon and surrounding countries. The Lebanon office will also house the group CEO, the company shared services, Consultancy & Organizational Solutions division, and incubate future divisions.

At this time, SUKAD is highly regardThe SUKAD Current Logoed as a leading provider of project management solutions, has pioneering and extensive research and development program that is unique in the region, and host an outstanding and diversified portfolio of project and process management solutions. We have delivered hundreds of projects benefiting thousands of stakeholders and with remarkable customer satisfaction.

Our innovation, leadership, pioneering insight, and dedication to service distinction have won us praise of our clients, repeat customers, and significant business from referrals and repeat business. In addition, to the respect of our clients, we have been recognized by Dubai Knowledge Village for our corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities and have earned two significant awards by being listed on Dubai SME 100 Ranking and AllWorld Network Arabia 500 Ranking.

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