The SUKAD History


SUKAD is the second generation of a company that was founded in Houston, Texas, United States of America by Mr. Mounir Ajam in 1998. The USA company provided project management control services for a joint venture that was developing two petrochemical plants in Texas; two mega projects.

Success I Unique I Knowledge I Attitude I Development

The origin of the SUKAD name reflects our initial services and foremost priorities as a knowledge based organization with a focus on learning and development:


Setting Up (2004 to 2011)

SUKAD Initial LogoEarly in 2004, SUKAD was re-launched by Mounir Ajam and a few partners at the Dubai Knowledge Village (now known as Dubai Knowledge Park) Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In the months of our operation between August 2004 and October 2005, SUKAD won a few contracts from major regional organizations, such as Dubai Holding Business Excellence in UAE, the National Commercial Bank in Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Royal Commission (first West Asian client). During this period, SUKAD grew from a single employee to about ten team members.



SUKAD Today (2012 to 2018)

The SUKAD Current Logo

In 2012 and 2017, SUKAD further expanded its reach by launching offices in Lebanon and Australia respectively. With this move, the Dubai office continues to lead our effort in the countries of the Arabian Gulf, the Lebanon office looks to offer the company services to Lebanon and surrounding countries and the Australia office looks to serve our clients in the Asia-pacific region.

In 2018, SUKAD is adding online services through our virtual campus program. We continue working on other innovative projects, which would be announced in due time.