SUKAD Group announced new brand and website

SUKAD Group announced new brand and website

As SUKAD continue to implement its strategic plan and shift into a group structure from a training provider status, it became necessary to update our brand to reflect this change.

SUKAD's new brand is designed to support the growth of the company in the market, to create a greater sense of brand unity across its new divisions, and to appeal to the new markets. The new brand and website reflect the recent SUKAD announcement of restructuring and the launch of the Learning and Development Division and Consultancy and Organizational Solutions Division.

SUKAD new brand was developed to speak to today's customers while maintaining what we stand for them as well as to tomorrow's customers. In the new brand we are communicating our business Strengths: success, innovation, knowledge and contemporariness.

SUKAD'S new logo speaks less but powerfully, through its modernized, simple and refined design. While maintaining the same selection of color and motion, with the circles reflecting motion, which aligns to our mission of being an agent of change and catalyst for development.

In addition to the change in the brand, the change of the website is significant. The new website is actually a portal for the dynamic field of project management. There is a group site, with one sub-site for each division. In addition, there is a site for the SUKAD Way™ reflecting SUKAD’s strategic research and development program. The site also includes a Project Management Knowledge Portal, to include a wealth of information open to the community, registered users, and clients.