SUKAD FZ-LLC & Projectize Group announce PMO consultancy and training services


- December 17,2006


SUKAD FZ-LLC and Projectize Group are formalizing an agreement to provide professional consultancy and training services for the emerging practice of Program/Project Management Office (PMO) in the Middle East.  SUKAD and Projectize has been collaborating for more than 2 years when they introduced for the first time in the region a program on the strategic PMO concept with a training program titled Building the Next Generation Program Management Office and Portfolio Management. This training program is offered again from 17-20 December 2006, in Dubai. 'This strategic relationship is part of our long term strategy to bring the best of the world, and global expertise to the heart of the Middle East,' says Engineer Mounir Ajam, SUKAD CEO. Ajam continues: 'This is why we brought the leader in certification training, RMC Project Management, to the Middle East, and this is why we are bringing one of the most recognized names in PMO.

Mr. Jack Duggal and the Projectize Group to the Middle East.' SUKAD FZ-LLC and Projectize Group are formalizing an agreement to provide professional consultancy and training services for the emerging practice of Program/Project Management Office (PMO) in the Middle East.  Duggal is not new to the area. As a SUKAD 'alliance consultant', he, Mr. Ajam, and another SUKAD consultant provided services to a major, globally-known holding company and its various entities in the region.

SUKAD was hired to help the holding and its entities evaluate the need to establish PMO. That consultancy has helped in promoting project management within these companies and to continue in raising the awareness about the strategic value of project management. SUKAD is currently training more than 30 managers and senior managers from the entities of this holding company. Mr. Jack Duggal, President of the Projectize Group: 'The sheer scale, scope and speed of projects in the region is exhilarating, as well as daunting at the same time. Project Management is going to be the catalyst that ensures effective execution and delivery of the projects without slowing down.

We are pleased to partner with SUKAD to bring our global expertise in Organizational Project Management and best practices from around the world to the region.' Mr. Duggal is well known within the Project Management Community. Most global conferences by the Project Management Institute®(PMI®) had Mr. Duggal offering a course on PMO. Over the last 12 or so years project management (PM), as an emerging profession, has been rapidly growing around the world since PM has demonstrated a significant value in improving projects performance for all types of organizations, public and private and all industries. PM value and benefits has direct impact on the bottom line with organizations, especially those with higher maturity of their project management practices.

Organizations with higher PM maturity deliver projects faster, cheaper, and at less PM cost than organizations at lower level of PM maturity,' this was the result of a study at the University of California at Berkeley. The success of PM across industries, countries, sectors, etc. has led to the emergence of Organizational Project Management (OPM). It provides organizations with a systematic approach to implement organizational strategies through various programs and projects. Program Management Office (PMO) is a growing corporate approach to implement OPM, and increase the capability to realize business strategies and deliver timely and cost-effective projects.

PMO is the vehicle that provides a structure to link the people, processes and tools, to improve project delivery on the one hand, and strategic decision-support on the other. What are the benefits and challenges? How the PMO can be the catalyst in a dynamic environment like UAE? What is a good model for a successful PMO? How do you balance between tactical and strategic management demands? What are common pitfalls and success strategies? What organizational structures, functions, processes and practices will ensure success? How can you sell and demonstrate PMO value and Return on Investment (ROI)? These are some of the questions that would be answered during the upcoming training event on 17-20 December in Dubai.