SUKAD FZ-LLC Positioned to take on the New Frontiers in Project Management in the Region


- December 10,2008


Project Management (PM), a highly required emerging profession, continues to emerge strongly in the Middle East, following global trends. The interest in the field of Project Management is increasing across all industries from Engineering, Media, Healthcare, Banks, Airlines, Real Estate and Oil & Gas and others ... It has proven its effectiveness and contribution to the organizational bottom line.  With recent development, project management is moving toward a strategic role and importance in regional organization and SUKAD is being positioned to be the true Leader in PM and Strategic Project Management in the countries of the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) and beyond into other Middle Eastern countries. 

How is SUKAD positioning itself to be a true leader in this strategically important capability for regional organizations?

We are doing this through our own strategic plan that has been unfolding and continue to do so. “Our plan consists of various initiatives, some have been implemented and others are on the way and will be communicated in time” says Mr. Mounir A. Ajam, SUKAD Chief Executive Officer.

“From our launch, we have focused on bringing global expertise to the heart of the Middle east”, Mr. Ajam continues. We have selected a few top global experts, consultants, speakers, and authors to work with and offer intermediate and advance training in the region even at times where people have not even heard of these programs. We established strategic partnership with leader in their respective domains from Risk Management to Program Management, Portfolio Management, PMO, and PM professional certifications.

The next step has been to serve our community! Throughout 2007 and 2008 SUKAD has partnered with various leading organizations, such Dubai Knowledge Village (DKV), that is playing a leading role here in hosting many of these events; eTQM College, Dubai Women College, Dubai Customs, and ADNOC Distribution to offer seminars and workshops to our professional community on a complimentary basis and these events included globally recognized speakers and authors such as Professor Collin Coulson-Thomas (USA), Mr. Jack Duggal (USA), Mr. Vijay Verma (Canada), Mr. Theofanis Giotis (Greece), Dr. Najwa Dham (Dubai), and our own SUKAD team members Ms. Nada Chaban and our CEO Mr. Mounir Ajam. Mr. Ajam stressed the role of DKV, “DKV Executive Director Dr. Ayoub Kazim, and DKV Director of Partners Development and the Partners Development team have been outstanding in their support and contribution toward advocating a knowledge economy through their sponsorship for such events. It is not the events organized by SUKAD but by many other partners as well.

Currently, SUKAD continues its drive to excellence with the addition of  Mr. Luc Bauwmans PMP®, as VP of SUKAD with emphasis on the construction related industries such as utilities, and with special focus on Contract Management, Project Control, and Construction Management. Mr. Bauwmans has more than 25 years of experience in Europe, South Africa and the Middle East. With the extensive global alliances that SUKAD has already established and with the addition of Mr. Bauwmans, to our full time team, and with Mr. Mounir Ajam, CEO and lead consultant, already on board, SUKAD is positioning itself to be a true leader in Project Management and strategic Project Panagement. The SUKAD team has the expertise in variety of industries and with global experiences and a global supporting team. We are here to take the lead.

In the near future, we would be announcing two major news items that are additional milestones as we continue to position the company to be the best of the best in this dynamic and exciting Region.