SUKAD CEO Presents the Dubai Mega Projects in Brazil

- April 4,2008

SUKAD's Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Mounir Ajam, a leading Project Management expert who resides in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates was a featured keynote speaker at the April MegaProjetos 2008 Symposium in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The MegaProjetos 2008 International Seminar and Exhibition was held on 3-4 April 2008 and was organized by ProjectLab, a Brazilian based organization. Mr. Ajam was invited to speak about the various Dubai Mega Projects as a testimonial to the success and global recognition that Dubai has achieved on the global scene, even in places like Brazil.

Mounir Ajam (pictured) is a certified PMP® – Project Management Professional® - and a graduate of the PMI®´s Leadership Institute Masters Class. In addition of being an expert in project and construction management, he is a recognized volunteer leader and a major advocate for the promotion of professional Project Management in order to increase the PM maturity in regional organizations.  Mr. Ajam is currently a member of the Project Management Institute 2008 EMEA Congress Project Action Team (CoPAT). He is an international correspondent for PMForum and PM World Today, and author of numerous professional papers and articles on Project Management in the fields of engineering, construction, and oil & gas, where he has more than 20 years of experience as an engineer and project manager.  Speaker at international events in Europe, USA, Asia and the Middle East. Mr. Ajam is the founding president of GPPMA - Global Project and Process Management Association (, based in Dubai, UAE. He is a co-founder and the CEO of SUKAD FZ-LLC (, an Innovation Center, which operates across the Middle East. At the Mega Projects Conference, Mounir had a chance to speak in-front of a packed auditorium with more than 400 professionals in attendance. He briefly reviewed the history of Dubai and its transformation from a fishing village into the mega centre that it is today. He emphasized the vision of Dubai of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashed Al Maktoum that has helped Dubai achieve the global center stage.

The presentation did not emphasize a specific project or company, rather it focused on the wonders of Dubai and the diversity of projects from hospitality to health care, from industrial to technology, from real estate to culture and sport, from roads to airports, from ports to logistics city. “At this conference, half the world away from Dubai,

I was amazed by the level of interest in Dubai and the amount of information that the attendees have about Dubai;” Says Mr. Ajam.


The keynote presentation was for 2 hours and that was not enough to satisfy the curiosity of the attendees so as soon the time was up, many attendees came up for more questions about Dubai and its mega projects. “It is indeed an honor for me, as a non-UAE national, to be able to present about Dubai, my second home”, concluded Mr. Ajam.

Other Notes:  A mega-project is a special type of project, generally defined as a very large enterprise that requires an investment of over a billion dollars. These projects attract a high level of public attention and political interest due to their strong direct and indirect impact on the community, on the environment and on public and private budgets. More and more mega projects are being developed throughout the world in various industries, like transportation, infra-structure, energy, oil and gas, telecommunications, information technology, aerospace, automotive, heavy construction, international events, defense, research & development, among others.

The International Seminar MegaProjetos 2008 is the first event in Brazil that brings a wide view of key issues that are involved in major projects. Topics of great relevance to the success or failure of such projects such as management, environmental, financial, technological, organizational, communications, and political aspects were discussed. Case studies of finished and on-going mega projects from Brazil and abroad were presented and critical factors involved will be analyzed from the perspective of promoters, contractors, financiers, suppliers, managers, and other stakeholders.

The event promoter is Projectlab. Projectlab, a Brazilian project management training and consulting company, promotes the International Seminar MegaProjetos 2008 as part of its mission to promote PM best practices, elevate the PM maturity level of professionals and organizations, and stimulate the discussion of project management within the society. For information about Projectlab, visit or contact