Restructuring SUKAD

-November 14,2012

The CEO of SUKAD, Mr. Mounir Ajam and the team now are developing a new structure for the company. Through this new structure there will be emergence for different divisions at the company's departments to have sections for the consultancy and another section for training and development.
 Mr. Ajam commented that this move is a part of the strategic plan of "SUKAD 2020" and a plan the company is working and trying to achieve several years ago.

SUKAD is one of the leading companies in the consulting and training field of project management development. A high percentage of its business is through repetitive work, projects and courses with clients. This will clearly show and confirm the confidence between SUKAD and their customers at the same time.
 SUKAD examine a wide range of development in the field of administrative management and strategic planning for companies in its intellectual and practical way. For example: “a systematic Sukad integrated project management, and methodology.”Sukad incorporated organization of institutional work in project management in all divisions of the company and development of the strategic plan to reach excellence in project management.

SUKAD have provided free training services to thousands of professionals either individually or through partnerships that were evaluated with several universities and institution.

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 Information about SUKAD
SUKAD Practices for its strategic plan and announces re-structuring.
It is a leading company in the field of project management consultancy and learning.  It was established at Dubai Knowledge Village in 2004 and now in Lebanon; since May 2012. We have been providing services across West Asia, Africa, and beyond.
SUKAD has an extensive project management research and development effort such as: “The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™” and “The Seven Elements of Project Management Maturity™.”
SUKAD has developed numerous advance courses in project management and is publishing a series of books in Arabic and English; including The Inheritance and Redefining the Basics of Project Management.
SUKAD is a corporate citizen and have provided training services to thousands of professionals either on our own (under our 2SPI program) or through partnerships.
In recognition of our business and community successes, in 2011 SUKAD was recognized and ranked on the Dubai SME 100 and All World Arabia 500.