Project Management 360

  14 - 15 May , 2013
  Project Management for Global Perspective
Knowledge Method is excited to announce the Project Management 360 event - a premier tow-day seminar and workshop event for senior executives, organization leaders, and project, program and portfolio managers. The idea of this event was conceived during the project meeting in a global initiative, where multiple project stakeholders across different countries and from diverse cultural background were involved.
Our CEO and Principal Consultant Mounir Ajam, was one of the speakers in the conference.
Our objective of Project management 360 (PM360) is to bring world-class project management speakers and practitioners to share their experience, new knowledge, and trends in the industry, from a GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE. Through the sessions we will open to and be aware of project management in other part of the world.
Reflecting on these valuable experiences, we are ready to take on the challenges coming our way in managing any projects. This year, we have participation from the world's most innovative project management professional development company - RMC Project Management, Inc. 
In addition, there are three leading project management consulting firms supporting this event - Projectlab (Brazil), SUKAD (UAE and Lebanon), wizXpand (Taiwan)
" We do not learn from experience, but we learn through reflecting on experience. "