PMI® Message on Changes to PMP®

- May 21,2012

Dear PMI® Registered Education Providers,

The recent Project Management Professional® (PMP®) Role Delineation Study (RDS) reconfirmed the role of a project manager as being responsible for all aspects of the project for the life of the project. As the role of the PMP® Handbook, certification brochures, and PMP® paper and online applications. Many of these documents are available from or the Marketing Portal for your use.

It is also important to point out that, as part of this process, we are clarifying the information requested in the PMP® application. With this clarified application language, we are asking PMP® applicants to provide:

- The project objectives

- Their role on the project

- Key deliverables and outcomes by Process Group

- Specific examples of how they led and directed each project

We are in the midst of the updates to this messaging and certainly appreciate your time and attention towards helping us with our consistent messaging. We realized that many of you may interpret this change in language as a change to the eligibility criteria of the PMP®; however, please understand that this eligibility criteria was supported by the latest PMP® RDS, which went into effect August 2011, and has been used operationally since that time. To that end, we should also be clear that this reference to “leading and directing projects” has existed in a number of certification documents since that time and that PMI’s current goal is to ensure consistency of that language across all of its documentation.

Due to the nature of the clarifications being made and systems involved, it will take until the end of May 2012 to complete these verbiage clarifications. Should you receive an inquiry or request for information regarding PMP® eligibility, please be cognizant of this clarification to language requiring a candidate to possess experience leading and directing projects, as well as the requested application description to go into place.

Should you have any further questions regarding this update, please contact PMI® at for further assistance.


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