Master Certification in Project Management

- September 3,2009


SUKAD and School of Knowledge Economy and Management (SKEMA) Business School, in partnership with Dubai Knowledge Village, have launched a postgraduate education programme with the initial offering of the Master Certificate in Project Management, a globally recognized and highly valuable professional credential. 

The Master Certificate consists of 4 essential parts (3 workshops and 1 group-study/guided learning project) and it is equivalent to 15 days or 120 educational hours, or 15 ECTS; excluding the group-study outside of the classroom.  The key differentiating factors for this programme are:

1.    SUKAD is an emerging leader for Project Management in the region and this programme is based on our own proprietary methodology that is highly practical and in line with global standards
2.    School of Knowledge Economy and Management (SKEMA) Business School, The two French schools (CERAM Business School and Group ESC Lille) have launched an educational project unique in France: to create the first business school that will educate future decision-makers to create a more responsible, ethical and interconnected world of the knowledge economy.
3.    The programme is of great value and it is at least 40% cheaper than comparable programme on per hour basis (of Instructor Led Training)
4.    The Master Certificate Faculty is senior executives with more than 20 years of experience, each. Best of all, they are based in the UAE and not visiting lecturers
5.    The programme is designed to include an applied learning project where the participants work in groups and immediately apply what they are learning on a real project; could be a project from their own environment
6.    Throughout the programme, participants and groups would be assigned one of the SUKAD Executives as a coach/advisor based in the UAE to support them pre, during, in between, and after the workshops

Our commitment is to your growth and to stand by you, to help you on the enriching journey of learning. Our offer: An outstanding programme in terms of delivery and practical concepts. Our promise: best value!