Lawrence Suda

Lawrence V. Suda

Lawrence Suda PictureLawrence (Larry) Suda is chief executive officer of Management Worlds/Palatine Group. Larry, who founded the company in 1986, has over 30 years of project management consulting and training experience in the government and the private sector. Palatine Group provides leadership in delivering world-class learning solutions and business consulting to clients.

Collectively, Palatine Group leverages world-class talent, expertise and experience to improve business performance through the use of learning technologies. The Project Leadership Simulation Experience workshop is used by a wide range of clients in Global 500 corporations, public sector organizations and within executive education programs at leading business schools.

Larry has designed and delivered world-class project and program leadership workshops using computer simulation to deliver real-life business challenges. He designed and implemented emerging/best practices studies and forums linking public and private sector project managers for the purpose of sharing knowledge. Larry successfully designed and launched NASA APPL’s ASK Magazine (Academy Sharing Knowledge), an on-line story-based learning and case study journal of project success stories at NASA, NASA’s first e-Learning project management program “Return to Mars” and an enterprise-wide on-line performance centre for various levels of NASA’s project management community. His workshop for NASA’s Academy of Program and Project Leadership is consistently NASA APPL’s highest rated.