Global Alliance for project Performance standards

Global Alliance for Project Performance Standards (GAPPS)


The GAPPS is a unique alliance of government, private industry, professional associations and training/academic institutes working together to develop globally applicable project management competency based standards, frameworks and mappings. Our standards and frameworks are intended to facilitate mutual recognition and transferability of project management qualifications.

The aim of the GAPPS is to provide the global project management community with information that is freely available for use by businesses, academic institutions, professional associations, and government standards and qualifications bodies globally. GAPPS welcomes any organization or government agency that wants to participate to join as members and start building global standards together.

SUKAD joined GAPPS informally in February 2012 where we support a conference that GAPPS and the British University in Dubai organized in UAE.

In December 2012, SUKAD officially and formally joined GAPPS as a member. What we admire most about GAPPS is the concept of knowledge is for sharing and they do so through the Creative Commons guidelines, a concept that SUKAD subscribe to.