Frequently Asked Questions | Project Management Certifications

  1. Is project management certification valuable?

Yes but be careful. You need to understand what each certification is, its value, and its limitations. You also need to decide what you want out of certifications.

If you are hiring manager – what we just said applies to you as well and we add: do not just trust a candidate based on a certification since some certifications have a reputation much bigger than they can deliver. Read more

  1. What types of project management certification are available?

Like professional associations, there are two major categories of certifications, general project and program management certifications and specialized certifications.

  1. What are the general project and program management certifications?

PMI offers:

IPMA offers:

APM Group (UK) offers:

Others: there are numerous other certifications some of them are country specific.

  1. What are the specialized project management certifications?

There are numerous, including: on earned value, planning and scheduling, risk, agile, cost, value engineering, quality, among numerous others.

  1. Is there a way to compare certifications?

One of the best studies we have seen is by Dr. Paul D. Giammalvo, we will try to get a copy to post here.