Frequently Asked Questions | Project Management Associations

  1. What are the professional associations that promote project management?

Many people are familiar with the Project Management Institute; it is the largest and most recognize but not the best, at least in our opinion. PMI® have central operations based in the United States with chapters in many countries and cities around the world.

In addition to PMI®, there is the International Association of Project Management (IPMA). IPMA is older than PMI® but not as known because IPMA works through countries’ organizations and not as a centralize organization.

There is the Global Alliance for Project Performance Standards (GAPPS) an organization that is very different from PMI® and IPMA since its focus is not on members and certifications, rather to create knowledge and standards that are open to the professional community on a Creative Commons basis. We highly respect this organization since its standards are developed by experts and thought leaders and not by volunteers’ practitioners.

  1. Are the above the only professional associations that promote project management?

No, there are many other organizations that promote project management on a country basis, they are numerous and we do not want to mention them here.

There are also other global organizations that specialize within a topic in project management, such as the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineers, International and others.

  1. How about in West Asia/North Africa, are there any professional associations?

If we limit this to the Arabic countries in the region, there are no national / country project management associations except in Egypt, if we are not mistaken. That association is a member in IPMA.

There are chapters for PMI in more than one country, including Egypt, Arabian Gulf, UAE, Jordan, Lebanon, and we think starting in Palestine and Morocco.

Between 2007 and 2011 there were the Global Project and Process Management Association (GPPMA), which started in Dubai by numerous volunteers, including the support of SUKAD. SUKAD CEO served as the chairman for GPPMA for 3 years.

Outside the Arab World, there are PMI® chapters and/or IPMA organizations in Turkey, Pakistan, and possibly others.