Frequently Asked Questions | General Project Management

  1. What is project management?

Project management is about the science, art, and psycholog   y of managing projects, one at a time.

  1. Is project management only for managing single projects?

No, project management as a domain has grown significantly over the last two or three decades, where project management has become a strategic imperative. In other words, in narrow definition project management is about managing single projects but from the wider perspective, project management is about managing the organization’s projects, which include program and portfolio management, in addition, to the concepts of project management office, and project management maturity.

  1. What is the definition of a project?

There are many definitions. The Project Management Institute® defines a project as “a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product service or result.” Our own definition is: “A project is anything we create from scratch … or a major change to an existing system … that requires major effort in terms of planning & delivery”.

  1. Is project management limited to construction of technology?

No! Today, project management has expanded into every domain and industry. Project management skills and practices are essential in healthcare, hospitality, media and marketing, defense, government, airlines, transportation, environmental, and numerous others. Just take a look at SUKAD clients to see the diversity of industries using project management in this region alone.

  1. How can I learn project management?

There are many ways, such as: