Early years
Mr. Ajam attended elementary school in his public village school. He finished his high school at Al Malaab Al Balady High School in Tripoli, Lebanon.

Bachelor Degree
Due to the civil war in Lebanon, Mr. Ajam left to the United States for education after finishing his high school. In the US he attended the University of Houston while also working in various jobs until he joined the cooperative education program that is run by the university and industry. Mr. Ajam completed his bachelor degree in civil engineering while working 4 semesters with Houston Lighting and Power Company. Mr. Ajam was able to combine excellence at work while maintaining focus on his education and as a result, he graduated with honor while earning the Cooperative Education Excellence Award.

Master Degree
After working professionally for a couple of years after the bachelor degree, Mr. Ajam went back to education and earned a Master of Science from the top ranked University of California at Berkeley; Number One in the United States in civil engineering. He graduated with a GPA of 3.8 out of 4.0.

Leadership Institute
In early 2006, Mr. Ajam was nominated and invited to join the Project Management Institute® (PMI®) prestigious Leadership Institute Master Class, a one year leadership program for volunteer leaders and it is by Invitation only. In 2007, Mr. Ajam graduated from the program along with 22 other PMI® leaders.

Beside the formal degree and programs, Mr. Ajam is keen on the concept of Life Long Learning and as a result, he continues to seek knowledge and the application of knowledge through additional classes, research, reading, and writing.