DKV Training Open Week

April 21 - 25, 2013
DKV Conference Centre,
Block 1 First Floor, Dubai Knowledge Village


The popular five-day bi-annual event is back with an even stronger representation from the leading training and HR companies in Dubai Knowledge Village.

Our Vice President Luc Bauwmans was one of the speakers in the DKV conference.

At DKV Open Week in April SUKAD presented a workshop called ‘Small Projects, Big Difference!’

The purpose of the workshop was to demonstrate that:


1- Most day-to-day office work could be performed in a more effective way if it were divided in definable and measurable chunks, i.e. small projects.

2- Small projects can be done swiftly yet thoroughly, if a suitable customizable method is used that is adapted to the specific needs of the project.

The 3-hour workshop was attended by delegates from various industries. During a team assignment they demonstrated that the SUKAD CAM2P™ method can be adapted to small workplace projects in various industries.

The workshop was very well received.