Current Internship Opportunities

1. Learning and Development Internship

This internship is for a candidate to help SUKAD organize and develop a series of online courses and short physical courses.

Most of the work will include learning and using online tools to help us develop the short online courses. Therefore, an excellent candidate would be someone with digital media and online expereince; including some video editing.

2. Marketing and Sales Internship

This internship is for a candidate to help SUKAD:

(1) Launch a series of short courses (physical and online), and

(2) Market and sell SUKAD CAMMP related courses; especially the Applied, Project-Based Learning programs.

Most of the work will include organizing the workshops and market them to potential clients via direct calls, visits and via social media.

3. Media and Digital Marketing Internship

The ideal candidate would be a marketing and communication major; either undergraduate or postgraduate. 

This specific opportunity is available to start in July and it would be to help the CEO set up, launch, and manage a crowdfunding campaign. This crowdfunding campaign is to fund a project in our technology division, which is the development of a suite of online project management applications. If the campaign is successful, this internship could be converted into a permanent position.

The work activities will include developing short videos (30 sec to 3 or 4 minutes), set up the campaign on the platform website, launch the campaign, communicate regurlarly with potential champions and supporters to help spread the word about the campaign, use social media to reach as many people as possible.

4. Publishing Internship

This internship is for a candidate to help SUKAD publish a series of e-books and it is ideal for someone with strong English writing skills.

The work will include copying and compiling e-books from our published blog articles, then organize them, editing them, and getting them ready for publishing with our e-book publisher.

5. Project Management Internship

No project management experience is required but a strong interest in project management is useful.

The project management intern will work with our CEO on:

(1) A study in the UAE and possibly across the GCC (via online tools) on capital projects and mega projects. The study might include an events for senior managers and executives working on these types of projects.

(2) Support the preparation for a software development project by developing various templates, process flowcharts, and mind maps using tools like Mind Manager, Visio, and basic MS Office.

Special Message

The first three opportunities are ideal to start as soon as possible - August 2017. However, the last two are for the fourth quarter.

Further, these opportunities are for the UAE and would be ideal for graduating students still on their parents visas or young professionals who have residency in the UAE or UAE nationals. SUKAD will not pursue residency for candidates except if the internship leads to a permanent position.

Our internship are usually 2 to 3 months. Internship are typically non-paid assignment but we can provide a small allowance. All interns will attend training on our project management methodology in order for them to use this approach on their projects. They can also attend some of our public courses or in-house courses.

Depends on performance, one or more intern could be offered a regular full-time position with SUKAD.

One key message, part of the intern work will be independent (on their own) since our CEO is not in the office frequently.

For consideration, you may send your CV's or Application to