Career UnCovered: Mounir Ajam, CEO of SUKAD

- November 24,2009


Mounir Ajam, CEO of SUKAD shares his insights between Job seekers and employers in Career UnCovered.

Carrer Uncovered is a recent creation and addition to’s employer blog.

Best career advice I ever got

I can recall two:

Be consistent in your performance and in writing: This sounds like a very simple advice that my Project Director (Mr. John Moore – USA) shared with me when I worked with him from 1998 to 2000. However, since that time, not a single week passes by without me remembering his statement. I also use his message now with my own team. Consistency is not easy and it is an essential element of quality work.

- Water in the river goes around a rock and not through it: Mr. Hesham Al-Musaid, my manager at Saudi Aramco shared this with me a few years back. His advice was basically about implementing change in an organization and it has been quite useful when working on a project where there is resistance for change or adversity in a relationship.

Favorite Job task I ever had to do

The favorite task (or position) for me goes back to 1994 to 1996 when I was part of a team managing the construction of a mega petrochemical plant; I was the Project Control Engineer and my role involved monitoring cost and schedule performance for the project which was being built on an island in Singapore but I also had to make weekly trip to a small island in Indonesia where we were fabricating and assembling our equipment and also similar trips to Malaysia to an old shipyard. The project was very challenging for me as a young engineer but it was also a great learning opportunity for me that I cherish today.

Most dreaded job task I ever had to do

Early in my career I was working on a huge construction site where we were doing environmental cleanup at the site. That site was in the past part of a refinery where oil was stored and the tanks were removed and our job was to clean the site from oil contamination since the site was going to be converted into a large residential community in Northern California.

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