Books and eBooks


The following are a list of SUKAD books related to SUKAD Way services:

  1. Redefining the Basics of Project Management:This book is to introduce the readers to an effective project management methodology, a systematic approach for managing projects.
  2. The Inheritance: This book is written as a story to introduce project management to those new to this domain or interested in entering it!
  3. Project Management Foundation:This excellent book provides relevant examples and applications of essential tools and techniques of Project Management.
  4. Project Management Foundation Arabic version:هذا الكتاب يقوم بشرح العناصر الأساسية لإدارة المشاريع

SUKAD eBooks

The following are a list of SUKAD eBooks related to SUKAD Way services:

  1. Project Manager for the Accidental Project Manager: This eBook is a short version of The Inheritance and focus on explaining CAM2P™ through a social entrepreneurship project.
  2. Project Management I: Challenges, Opportunities, Methodology: This is the first eBook in a series on CAM2P™. The first eBook is about the challenges and opportunities to the field of project management and an introduction to CAM2P™ and its link to global standards.
  3. Project Management II: Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™: This second eBook in the series explains the detail of every project phase, project stage, their deliverables, and stage gates.
  4. Project Management III: Managing a Project Across The Project Life Span: This third eBook in the series, address various topics that are not specific to project phase or stage; including project approval, project estimating, project control, project risk, project stakeholders, and project success.
  5. Project Management IV: The CAM2P™ Model: This last eBook in the series focus on the application of the model and include a sample project, complete from idea to closure.
  6. Writing a Book Sample Project: This e-book is the first in a series of similar books.

          project manager for the accidental project manager