Project Management beyond Certification (Introduction to CAM2P™ Workshop)

February 21, 2010 - February 21, 2010
08:30 AM - 05:00 PM
Dubai, UAE
Target Audience: All personnel, project team members, project managers, PMO members and managers, program managers and senior managers who are involved or interested in project management.

This workshop is also a must for senior managers and executives who are considering enhancing their organizations projects’ performance.

Event Objectives

  • Learn about the strategic value of project management and it is crucial effect on the business
  • Understand the importance of certification but also its limitations
  • Learn how project management is applicable for all industries and sectors; even for life projects
  • Learn the basic SUKAD Way™ Model for project management
  • Understand the highly valuable concepts and need for customization and adaptability of project management to various situations and scenarios
  • Learn how to immediately apply the learning through customizing and adapting the basic model to your industry own requirements and application
  • Leave the workshop with an approach/methodology that would be applied on the job immediately


The general conventional wisdom is that many still think of project management to be limited to technology (IT) or construction projects but that is not the case. Project management is useful and highly effective for simple business projects, like HR, Marketing, Finance, and other functions. Project management could be simplified to use in your daily personal and working life. Further, you do not have to be a project manager to benefit from the practicality of project management.

Through this one-day highly interactive workshop, the SUKAD Way™ consultants will demonstrate a paradigm shift from the current conventional thinking about project management to a simpler, better, faster, and more practical approach for managing projects that is not normally covered in a typical project management certification training course.

The workshop will start with an explanation on the strategic importance of project management and how it must be a core capability across industries and functions within an organization. The workshop will also discuss the importance of certification but also the limitation of popular certification that might help us add letters to our CV but does not necessarily enhance project management performance or contribute to organizational excellence.

Then we will introduce the SUKAD Way™ Model, which we call: the Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™ (CAM2P™). Further we will demonstrate how project management, through CAM2P™, is customizable to organizational requirements and adaptable to project type or class.

A substantial part of the workshop will be to group the participants by industry and work with them to on-the-spot and immediate application of the learning where the groups will customize the model to their own industry or application.

Event Outline

As highlighted in the description, this is a highly interactive workshop. The first half of the course is a mix of presentations, open and extended group discussions. The second half would mostly be in groups where the teams will apply what they learn. The SUKAD consultants will be monitoring and supporting the teams. Prior to closure, the teams will present the result of their work for others to learn.